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Fall 2021 Feeding the Hungry

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I feel certain I have written about this previously. If I had to rank the seasons in order of preference, the list would always begin with Fall and end with Summer. Spring and Winter tend to shift on my list based on pollen counts and ice accumulation.

Aside from the actual weather, Fall is my favorite because it is a season of Thankfulness. I recently celebrated by 24th anniversary at the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. Some of the biggest blessings in my life have been the people I have worked with throughout these years. For this issue, a couple of our team members have shared a little bit about themselves so you can get to know more about our Food Bank family.

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Sheila and Miracle (second row, first on the left) pictured with some of the staff of the Food Bank of Northeast ArkansasSheila's Story

Sheila grew up in Chicago with her parents. They were a successful upper middle-class family. Both of Sheila's parents worked full-time while she attended the number one high school in the state of Illinois. After high school, Sheila attended Malcolm X College and then the University of Chicago where she earned a degree in Marketing and Finance.

"I always wanted to wear a suit and heels to work, and come to find out, I did not want to be a bank teller," said Sheila.

So instead, Sheila began work in the medical field. First as a Certified Nursing Assistant then as a monitor tech and phlebotomist. She worked full-time to pay the mortgage on her home where she lived with her mother and four children.

"I had a regular life. I could do whatever I wanted..."

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Photo of Jordan Griffin stacking boxesEmployee Profile - Jordan Griffin

What brought you to the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas?

I was on the fence about moving back to the area from Northwest Arkansas and saw the job posting online. It was honestly a strange feeling, but I felt the job description was written specifically for me. After doing some research, I was impressed with the work the FBNEA was doing and just knew I wanted to be part of something bigger to make a difference in my community.

Favorite part of the job?

Through managing the volunteers, I have the opportunity to meet like-minded people each week that truly value our Northeast Arkansas community and bond with complete strangers over accomplishing a common goal. Being able to meet people with such servant hearts that give so freely of their time is such a joy, especially through all the dark times of the last year and a half.

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