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Fall has always been my favorite season. Thinking about fall conjures images of cooler weather, sweaters, changing leaves, harvest time, bonfires and Thanksgiving. All of these images are familiar and comforting. But then I stop and realize that this is 2020, and our communities are still struggling with COVID. Many of our normal fall activities will look much different due to COVID, including Thanksgiving.

That's why we need your help now more than ever. High unemployment rates mean that families are still struggling...

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Valley View Blazer SPARKSJesse, a member of the Valley View Blazer SPARKS group, smiles after telling a joke. Jesse has volunteered with the group for more than two years.

"What do you get when you cross a drumstick with a centipede? Chicken legs for everyone!"

This is just one of many jokes Jesse brings when he and his classmates volunteer at the Food Bank. Since 2015, students from Valley View's Special Education Department (also called the Blazer SPARKS) have volunteered regularly at the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas amassing more than 300 volunteer hours over five years.

It all started in August 2015. Kelly Greene and Tina Golden were brainstorming how they could help their students develop life skills and transition from school life to adult life...

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