Hunger Action Month

Food Shouldn't Be An Impossible Choice

September is Hunger Action Month—a time when the Feeding America network and the public come together to raise awareness and inspire action to help people facing the impossible choices of hunger.

For millions of people in America, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes. It's a choice between food and other crucial needs—like medicine, electricity, or childcare. 

For many, a daily meal is a simple choice of what to eat. For people facing hunger, a daily meal poses a very different type of choice. It's often an impossible decision between food or other crucial needs, such as electricity, childcare, or medicine. Nobody should be forced to make a choice to go hungry. With the public’s support, we can come together to help people achieve long-term food security, so they no longer have to make such tough decisions.

Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO                                                                                                                    Feeding America

During the month of September, people across Northeast Arkansas can get involved in the movement by learning, committing, and speaking up about ways to ending hunger.

  1. Donate – Every $1 can help provide 4 meals

  2. Host a Food Drive

  3. Create a Facebook Fundraiser benefitting the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

  4. Volunteer

Hunger Action Month is a time to mobilize to end hunger. You can choose to donate or advocate. You can choose to volunteer or raise awareness. You can choose to help end hunger. CHRISTIE jORDAN, ceo  FOOD BANK OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS



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