Senior Pack Program

The Senior Pack Program locates needy senior citizens and supplies them with a box of food every other week. The Senior Pack program is open to men and women ages 60 and above who meet the income eligibility guidelines. For only $150 a year, you can sponsor a deserving senior by supplying them with a supplemental box of groceries every other week for one year. Sponsorships for the Senior Pack Program can come from a relative, friend, neighbor, church, business, or civic group. You can even give a Senior Pack sponsorship in honor of someone’s birthday or other special occasion. The senior pack boxes are then either picked up by the senior citizens who are able, or delivered by Food Bank volunteers.

*Note: Sponsorship guidelines prevent the recipient from sponsoring themselves.

For only $150 a year, you can sponsor a senior citizen to receive a box filled with food every other week for a year.


For more information about the Senior Pack program, please e-mail our Program Coordinator, Erin King at or by phone at 870-932-3663.