Need Food


Hunger is an unwelcome guest in many Arkansas homes. It is estimated that on any given day almost 500,000 Arkansans do not have enough to eat. Northeast Arkansas has not escaped this epidemic.

Every day families in our communities are making hard choices:

Food or gas to drive to work?
Food or medicine?
Food or my child’s doctor visit?
Food or this month’s rent?

The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas partners with charitable agencies throughout Northeast Arkansas to distribute food to families in need. Approximately 5,100 people in Northeast Arkansas receive food assistance each week from a food pantry, soup kitchen, shelter or other program that is associated with the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. While all of the network agencies are vital to alleviating hunger in our communities, the Food Bank plays a special role as the warehousing and distribution facility. Through this unique and collaborative relationship, the Food Bank complements rather than competes with the efforts of these agencies.

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If you, or someone you know, is in need of food assistance click on the county where you live for a list of agencies that are available in your area.


Click on a county for distribution dates and locations that are available in your area.

*Locations and dates are subject to change.